About The Show

About The Show

About The Show

Bird hunting to the extreme: it’s in our name. “Avian-X TV” follows some of the world’s top bird hunters on jealousy-inducing pursuits all over the country. In addition to raising heartbeats and inspiring future hunts, the Avian-X team shares product reviews, helpful tips and a big helping of personality.

On the waterfowl side, Avian-X founder Fred Zink leads a team of experienced hunters in search of North America’s best ducks and geese. Whether battling rough open waters or enduring late season snow, the best hunts are never easy. But they’re always worth it.

For you turkey fanatics, World Turkey Calling Champion Matt Morrett takes to the woods armed with 35 years of experience. The thing about turkey hunting is that things never go exactly as you plan. Matt follows the birds wherever they are, then leads them right to him.

Watch for cameos from some of your favorites in the outdoor industry, you-have-to-be-crazy-to-hunt-in-that conditions, and of course – lots of falling birds. It’s all on “Avian-X TV.”

Available on The Sportsman Channel. Check your cable provider for show times.





Fred Zink – Waterfowl
Fred Zink grew up obsessing over all things waterfowl, turning his first call on his father’s old Craftsman lathe at age 14. He went on to win several championships and worked as a guide before founding Zink Calls in the spring of 2000. Propelled by the success of a carefully crafted product, he sought to make every element of the hunt the best it could be. That led to the founding of Avian-X in 2011, where Fred and his team created the most realistic turkey and waterfowl production decoys in the world. Avian-X TV is the playground where Fred gets to put his products to the test and take down waterfowl.


Matt Morrett – Turkey
Matt Morrett won his first World Turkey Calling Championship at 16 years old. Since then he’s accrued multiple championship wins, including the Junior and Senior Grand National Turkey Calling contests and the World Friction Turkey Calling Championships five times. In addition to his success on stage, he’s also a champion in the field – with more than 35 years of turkey hunting experience. Matt hosts all turkey segments on Avian-X TV, allowing viewers to watch and learn from the most experienced turkey hunter in the world.